About Us


The mission of Locs & Business is to provide a community of Loc’d entrepreneurs and creatives to help uplift, encourage and support one another through our entrepreneurial journey. Locs & Business is an opportunity for Locpreneurs to network and collaborate as well as learn and grow together.

After hearing countless cases of young Queens and Kings getting fired from their job, simply because of their Locs, Celeste Gregory created Locs & Business to encourage people with Locs to start their own business.

There have been too many cases of people getting a job then quickly losing their job because of hair discrimination. With Locs & Business, we are able to educate, inform, and assist aspiring Locpreneurs and veteran Locpreneurs to thrive in their business, whether that be starting a business to become an author, a lawyer, a chef, a designer, a choreographer, a singer, a coach, a teacher, a photographer, a boutique owner, or a hair stylist, any business that you wish to have, you will find the resources, tools and support here, so that we will never have to experience hair discrimination and we will never have to rely on corporate America for our source of income.

If you would like to donate to Locs & Business to support our mission, please click here: https://locsandbusiness.com/products/donate-to-locs-business?_pos=1&_psq=donate&_ss=e&_v=1.0