Fifteen-Year-Old Fired from Job Because of His Locs

The most recent case of hair discrimination is coming out of North Carolina, where a fifteen-year-old young man by the name of Akarri Johnson was fired from his first job at Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ because of his Locs.

Akarri Johnson reported that his supervisor at Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ pulled him to the side while working and said, “We will have to dismiss you from your work because of your Locs.”

As you think about this case of discrimination issue with Akarri Johnson -How would you feel if you were dismissed permanently from your job, your only source of income, because of your choice of hairstyle? 

The unfortunate reality of an individual with Locs losing their job just because of their hair still plagues modern-day society worldwide.

Hair discrimination is believed to be another form of systemic racism but merely guised under natural hair. 

Many say it's not discrimination when hair is expected to be straight instead of worn as an afro puff, cornrows, bantu knots, braids, twists, and Locs. The truth is, what else could it be? When something isn't accepted, people do everything to change it, or they eradicate it. 

One's hair should not cause them to be seen as unkept or unprofessional, but unfortunately, this is often the case. 

Hair discrimination has successfully been used to block the African American community from the classroom and from employment, but things are starting to change.


The Crown Act – The Hope of Hair Discrimination


For every movement, the black community unites on, there will be a positive change. After watching varying cases being thrown from the court as not violating rights, a law must intercept the injustice. 

The Crown Act (The Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) is a law, explicitly designed for the fight against hair discrimination. This law forces you to act and become up-to-date by updating all discriminatory policies based on someone's appearance.  

The Crown Act partners with other organizations like the National Urban League, Color of Change, and Western Center on Law and Poverty.

The following states that have entirely accepted the CROWN Act include New York, Washington, Colorado, Virginia, and California. Please visit for more information.


How then do you access job opportunities with Locs? 


You create your own.

The My Locs Are Professional Scholarship has not only endorsed the movement of The Crown Act but has made it possible to provide support and monetary help for youth with Locs who have been discriminated against and lost their job like Akarri Johnson. 

The main aim of the scholarship is to help them to start a business of their own, making the need for Corporate jobs in America unnecessary. 

In the case of Akarri Johnson, My Locs Are Professional Scholarship will be the support and monetary help he desires to build a foundation for his future while taking steps to improve the generation to come. 

If you are interested in supporting this mission and helping to make a difference, please consider purchasing a shirt from the "My Locs Are Professional" collection. A portion of the proceeds will be given to Akarri Johnson so that by starting his own business, he will never have to experience hair discrimination again. 

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